Tuesday, August 5, 2008

What's Your Brand of Food?

I've always been curious...what do other people feed their cats?

As we know, I used to work at a boarding facility for cats. We had about 6 brands of dry food and 3-4 of wet and owners could also leave their own if we didn't have it. One lady even cooked her cat rice and chicken or turkey and froze it!

When it comes to feeding my own, I've always been at a loss in front of the numerous choices of food. What each cat needs varies so greatly that it becomes dizzying. My cats are indoor pets so I've always stuck to a hairball type of dry food. Then they came out with the indoor formula. And there are some that say hairball and indoor. I naturally assumed that they are one in the same. Some are too high in fatty protein but that's also supposed to be good for active kitties.

Here's the dilemma...I have one that's more active than the other. It is completely impossible for us to separate them every time they eat so I have to use the same food. I can't ever tell if they are benefiting from any particular one so I never know if it's the right one. *sigh*

What do you use?


Kelly said...

Even though I would love to be able to afford the better catfood with hairball formula and rice & lamb, etc. - like Iam's or something similar - I have 4 cats to feed (and soon to be 10 once the babies are weaned), so I feed them Nine Lives dry food. They all like it, and it's very reasonably priced and they just about won't eat anything else except occasionally some Kit & Kaboodle.

Mo said...

We use Iams kibble only (Spooker has a sensitive tummy and this is about the only thing that doesn't come back up regularly) - we tried the weight control formula, but Daphne and Chloe HATED it, so we switched back to the regular adult formula.

Little Isis still gets some Kitten Chow every morning to try to get her extra fat & nutrients (she's underweight and so tiny, even at one year old).
Not The Mama
Purrchance To Dream

Nona said...

Moe is a picky girl and we had to try several different foods before there was one she would eat and not turn her nose up at.

She decided that she like Kit 'N Kaboodle

Victor Tabbycat said...

I read a guideline that said to feed the best quality cat food you can afford. Bonnie had trouble with regurgitation of many foods and was picky (loved the foods that made her sick, of course). I settled on Wellness Indoor Formula and since Victor's neither picky nor sensitive, he still has that. I mix it with Core, also from Wellness, but with both bags out, the one he tried to break into was Wellness Indoor, so I suspect a preference. ;-)
Remember to make any change gradually, by mixing old and new. Purrs!

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