Saturday, July 26, 2008

"Let Your Kids Paint On The Walls"

("Peace" roses)

I just heard the news...Randy Pausch has passed away after a long battle with cancer. Right away I started tearing up, got a lump in my throat, and my heart sank through the floor. I'm completely devastated. Because of his generosity, letting us all into his life, he became like family to so many even if we've never met him. I feel like we have all lost such a model mentor for us all. We all have something to learn from Randy. He truly had a unique way of looking at life. He didn't get lost in some rut like most of us do everyday. He took life head on and followed his dreams by upholding a great optimism. His life did come full circle as few do. I can honestly say that as I look at the achievements he has made. Although I am so sad about this loss, I am blessed to have had the opportunity to have learned from him some of the greatest lessons in my life.

If you haven't thought you have had the time to watch Randy Pausch's lecture, PLEASE do! Not only is his story a fascinating inspiration, he has a terrific humor too. Please watch his lecture, read his book, and visit his website!


snowforest said...

We watched the whole lecture ~ one of the most inspirational and excellent videos we've ever seen ~ not only was Randy an exceptionally intelligent person, he was also very nice ~ the last lecture really helped improve our outlook on life ~ thank you for highlighting it!

LOL cats said...

I too watched the special wednesday night. He was a great person, husband, father and teacher. It's sad that so many good people have been taken from us because of cancer.

Gandalf and Grayson said...

Mom has posted about Randy several times. He was quite an inspiring individual. What a great loss to his students, but most especially to his family and friends.

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