Tuesday, July 15, 2008

^..^My Furbabies^..^

As anyone who knows me, knows that I have an obsession for anything furry. In the last 9 years, I have had many trials with my four legged friends.

It started with dwarf hamsters. I have wanted one since I was 12. I got my first one for free b/c she was too old to sell at the pet store. She soon died, apparently she was older than I was told. So, I got another...she was pregnant. We thought she was just mean, who knew? After her litter was born, my cat of 15 years, got the cage open and a massacre ensued. I came home and freaked out. Well...after some time, I ended up with 26 of those little things! We had cages everywhere we could put them. Wheels spinning all night...it was crazy! Not to mention the many escapes of those tiny guys.

During the age of the dwarf, I bought a rabbit. Then another. My son named the first one Bun-Bun after his stuffed buddy. Smokee was the second. They loved each other dearly. We think they may have been gay. ;) Anyway, I ended up getting a few more (one died, replaced him) and then there were tons of them too! One litter didn't make it. Every other day or so, we were finding another body. It was awful. There was a mutation in the genes or something. In the end, we had about 17 rabbits. We now have one bunny left.

While this was happening, my dear kitty passed away. I was so sad about that...I couldn't go to work I was so hysterical. It took me a while but I finally convinced myself to get another...kind of a rebound effect. I went to a cat show (love those) and got an older "rejected" Tonkinese. She is beautiful but wasn't able to be shown because of her eye color, and bred litters with the same problem. I am lucky to have her. A couple of years went by and my son wanted his own. This time we went to the Peninsula Humane Society, our local chapter, and picked out a black and white "tuxedo". She's a handful...gets into everything and has attention only on her terms. But, we love our cats that act like dogs. They are the feature of this blog.

Last, we have also had our share of teddy bear hamsters. My son loved this show that had real "talking" animals and the main character was Hammie. It was a certain type of hamster that we only found one of here. She died of wet tail the week we got her. :( So we got ones we could find. Needless to say we had a ton of them too. Damn it's hard to sex those. One had a litter and had about 12 babies. We now have none of them either...but probably had about 17 of those too.
Sounds like hoarding, huh? Nope. Just bad sexing whether it was me or the pet stores. I'll tell you one thing...I sure learned a heck of a lot about these animals quickly!


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