Friday, July 25, 2008

Crazy Lady

My random thought...

I used to work at a boarding facility for cats, and we had one that was really old. While he was staying with us, his kidneys were failing or something. My boss took him to the vet and they tried to contact the owner because they had to put him down. His owner knew he was old and in poor health. As soon as it happened, she started calling my boss (and me) and swearing at her (and me about my boss). She was threatening her (and me to tell my boss) and coming by trying to talk to her. She wanted money, of course. Duh, no one was going to give it to her...especially for an old cat that was ready to go any time. We were all sad and it was awful, then she made it worse.

So, my point? I keep seeing this woman! I just about run the other way every time. LOL! She's everywhere! I even saw her in our local newspaper trying to get free coffee (you know, the kind that is brewed from the droppings of an animal). Sorry, she came to mind cause it's about the time that I'll see her again. That was random :o)


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