Saturday, July 19, 2008

Are You Weird or Rude?

I've always wondered what the science is behind the animal preferences in humans. Haven't you? Isn't it funny that you never come across someone who likes cats and dogs the same way? You are either one or the other. Even if you don't like animals enough to own one, you still have a favorite.

I like cats more, as we all know. So what does this make me? Cat people are said to be weird, strange, and kinda off. It's hard to beat that old stigma of 'the cat lady'. Not to mention the long time association with witches and bad luck. Does it make me strange because I own more than one? I think this is all because people who like cats are usually a little more reserved which can make them appear to be weird. My question is, how many can you have before you seem strange?

On the other hand, dog people are known as intrusive, rude, and obnoxious. Really? Or is that just the cat people talking? Is it because they let their dogs off the leash where they shouldn't, let them crap where ever and not pick it up, forget to restrain their dog when walking by you and invade your space...Or could it be their personalities?

So really, the question is not if you are a cat or dog person, but are you weird or rude?


Luka & Ezri said...

I like dogs and cats equally as long as they are friendly. I have 2 of each.

I did used to call myself a dog person though.

Now I'm a rat person. What does that say about me?

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